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Boulder School House
Boulder, Wyoming

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Children attended school in Boulder from 1905-1966, after which time children were bused to Pinedale schools. Three structures served as schools in Boulder. Two of them remain today.


Boulder Schoolhouse - Community Center

The Boulder Community Center, 2001, is the third structure used for a school in Boulder, Wyoming. In this picture, the second school and Teacherage is visible behind the swingsets situated to the rear of the main building.

Boulder School House
Boulder, Wyoming (Boulder Community Center)

The earliest school house in Boulder was a log structure built in 1905. Then, in 1916, a wood frame school was built to replace the log building. A third structure was built next to the second building in 1939, which is the building known today as the Boulder Community Center. The 1916 School structure was then converted into two apartments and used as a teacherage. It currently is rented out as a residence by the Board of Directors of the Boulder Community Center.

1916 School and Teacherage
Second Boulder School used from 1916-1939, then converted to a teacherage.

The building known today as the Boulder Community Center was constructed in 1939 as the third Boulder school. An addition built around 1950 gave the school its present appearance and added two additional classrooms and indoor plumbing. The school was used for sixteen more years, after which time the School Board decided that local children would be bused to Pinedale schools instead. The Boulder School was closed in 1966.

In the early days, children walked or rode horseback to school. Wyoming winters were cold and children risked frostbite. Children did their work huddled around the wood stove for warmth and ink for the inkwells froze every night and slowly thawed during the day after the teacher built a fire. Penmanship classes were scheduled for the afternoons in order to in ensure liquid ink, according to recollections narrated to Mary Ann Steele for her article about the Boulder School that appeared in the Sublette County Journal on May 20, 1999. According to the article, cowboys of the day eagerly courted the school teachers and strove to gain places on the School Board so they could have a hand in selecting teachers, often insisting that the applicants send their pictures.

The school house held many school programs, community activities and parties. During the 1920s pie auctions and box socials were held. Some locals recall that during the 1940s night courses in agriculture were held. Others remembered music and tap dancing being given.

Before the 1960s, the road was only oiled and not plowed, so the school bus was used only until about November when winter snows made the road impassable for the bus. The rest of the winter, children were brought in by team and wagon.

In 1978, the School House became the “Boulder Community Center” and the Teacherage was renovated and rented as a residence. The Community Center was remodeled with new paint and paneled, and volunteers repaired the roof and floor. Boulder ladies sewed new curtains for the stage. The 1st-3rd grade classroom was cleaned, painted and carpeted. A new bar was built for the lunchroom, and the kitchen was remodeled. The building was used for community dances and functions throughout the year. In 1999, the Boulder community once again rallied together and held functions and fundraisers to raise money to put a new metal roof on the old building. Events included a donation and consignment auction, bake sale, luncheon and various raffles.

Today, the Boulder Volunteer Fireman's Barbecue and Open House is held in September each year at the Boulder Community Center. Other private functions and community gatherings take place at the Community Center throughout the year.

Boulder Community Center maintained by
Boulder Community Club
PO Box 55
Boulder, WY 82923

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