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Big Piney Community Hall
Big Piney, Wyoming

"Since early times, a central hall has been an integral part of a community, and the folks of Big Piney with a hot desire for keeping up with things, were not one whit behind in thinking that one was essential--more so, in fact, than electricity or water or even indoor plumbing." - Wilda Springman, 1959, in "Community Halls Are As Community Halls Do"


Big Piney Community Hall

The Big Piney Community Hall was built in 1934 at the site where the elementary school is now located in Big Piney, Wyoming. In 1961, it was moved to the Sublette County Fair Grounds just north of Marbleton and is still used today for community functions and as part of the Sublette County Fair held each year in August.

Big Piney Community Hall and surrounding buldings
Community Hall in the 1930 at its original location where the Elementary School is now.
Big Piney Community Hall
Sublette County Fairgrounds, Wyoming

Over the course of the years, Big Piney had several community halls. In the 1930's, with Works Projects Administration (WPA) funds, the residents of Big Piney built a new Community Hall where the current elementary school sits. It was built with volunteer labor with logs that were brought down from Middle Piney by horse team and sled as far as the sand hill and then transferred to trucks for the rest of the way.

Construction of the Big Piney Community Hall. The date October 6, 1934 is on the back of this photo.
Community Hall under construction in 1934.


The townspeople spent considerable time debating where their new Community Hall should be located, and it was finally decided that it should be built close to the school. While this was a good location in theory, the ground at that spot was a bog hole in the spring, "unsafe for man or car." The men in the community took this as a challenge and drove huge pilings into the bedrock to hold the weight of the building. The large, new building was made of rough logs and had a stage and dressing rooms. Two over-sized pot bellied stoves provided heat and a string of lights provided illumination. The new building was quickly adopted by the community and by the late 1930's was used for all community events, most of which usually ended up with a dance. "Back in '36 everything we did ended up in a dance--be it a political rally, a school play, amateur hour or what have you. I would venture to say that there was more dancing in Big Piney per capita from '36 to '40 than there was in New York City" wrote Wilda Springman in "Community Halls Are As Community Halls Do" in 1959, which was reprinted in the book "Seeds ke Dee Reflections" by the Sublette County Artists Guild in 1985.

In the late 1940's, the building was renovated by the Lion's Club. The walls and ceiling were lined with sheetrock, a kitchen and bathrooms were added, and the old pot belly stoves were replaced with a furnace. They also added new light fixtures, a new door, and a new roof.

Moving of the Big Piney Community Hall. By this time the building had a new roof and roofline.
Community Hall being moved to the fairgrounds in 1961.

During this time, the Lion's Club decided to sponsor a sale of all of the 4-H Club livestock. The first sale was in the Mercantile shop, but due to lack of room, the Community Hall was converted and used the next year. A large door was cut in one end and an alley way added for the livestock. With an auctioneer's stand, bleachers, and some straw on the floor, this was the forerunner of what is now the annual Sublette County Fair.

In order to build a new elementary school, the Community Hall's fate came into great debate. The new school had to be located near the other schools, and the best place was right where the Community Hall sat. Some towns people wanted to tear it down and sell the logs for a profit to build a new hall. Others would hear nothing of the idea of tearing it down. Ultimately, Bus Fear suggested that the Hall should be moved to the fair grounds, close to where
Big Piney Community Hall
Community Hall at fairgrounds in 2001.

the rodeo arena had been built. In June of 1961, a mover from Idaho was contracted to move the big building up the highway from Big Piney to the fair grounds for a sum of $500. Despite dire predictions of it never surviving the move, the building did arrive intact and is still there today. The Community Hall has since undergone several renovations inside and out, and is still used for many events including the exhibits at the Sublette County Fair which it helped start back in the 40's.

Displays at the Sublette County Fair
Displays in the Community Hall at the 2001 Sublette County Fair

Today, the Community Hall is used during Big Piney Chuckwagon Days, held every 4th of July at the fair grounds. This is a major annual event for the Big Piney and Marbleton areas, with tourists from all over also attending the free town picnic and barbecue, parade, dance and fireworks celebration.

The Sublette County Fair is held the first week in August each year at the fair grounds. Each year the Community Hall houses the many creative efforts of the local community. Hand-crafted quilts, crafts, needlepoint, paintings, sewing projects and culinary delights are on display for judging and for the public to view.

Community Hall maintained by:
Sublette County Fair Board
PO Box 1072
Big Piney, WY 83113

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